From 3 children in 2013, we now are a growing family of over 35 children in KG and early grades. As we grow, we are looking for passionate and committed individuals to join our teachers’ group. 

We aim for a foundational alignment with our core values, a genuine love for working holistically with children and a will to learn – so we are open to all individuals, irrespective of their educational qualifications, who feel a connect with who we are and how we work with children.  Aarambh is a space for individual’s inner work and growth.

For us more than qualifications it is important that the interested teacher understands and connects with the Waldorf philosophy. Choosing to become an Aarambh Teacher is to be ready to be on a journey to observe, learn and grow. Aarambh teachers see teaching as a calling in which one helps to sculpt the future. All individuals who are ready to work on this path are welcome. Aarambh is a space for teachers for their own inner work and growth. Teachers are supported with ongoing training and feedback throughout the year.

 “Aarambh is a space for me to reflect and grow everyday. Everyday, when I reach battling with traffic and noise of the city, it only takes me few minutes to leave those worries aside and just be with children fully. It’s a blessing to be working with such young children and also to be able to work so closely with their families.  Aarambh has motivated me to change my daily way of living making it more simplistic and grounded. I have learnt to do things by myself as much as possible making best use of my body and leading a healthy life, physically and emotionally too. In turn it has brought wonderful changes in my family too, the way we conduct our daily life. Above all it’s given me a very warm nurturing supportive community of people to work with, I look forward to be in Aarambh every day.”  Aarambh Teacher

“As a teacher I have always loved my children but yes not in the way a parent loves a child. As after reading and understanding a bit of Steiner’s lectures and the prayer we teachers do every morning I was clear that as a teacher I have to allow the child to grow into him or herself and I have to work with the child in a way which helps in his development. I must not create a little replica of myself and just not liking one aspect of the child, and neglecting other things. I learned to see the children for what the children are, not what they seem to be through my biographically tinted glasses. I learned to have a truly free relationship with them, which meant I have love for them and it doesn’t depend on my own wellbeing. Thus, as a Waldorf Teacher I am on the journey of acquiring self- knowledge and emotional independence.” Aarambh Teacher 

“As a teacher, I am grateful to the flexibility that that I can bring in to my lesson plans. I can choose the stories, poems, games and exercises (and even create my own) I wish to do along with the children. It has made me more aware of my creative potential and talents, and has motivated me to nurture and strengthen these more.”  Aarambh Teacher

Interested individuals are requested to write to aarambh.delhiwaldorf.trainings@gmail.com. They will be invited to Aarambh to share their thoughts on some questions and attend our upcoming orientation.  We host orientations periodically to share our understanding of child development and how we work with children. Please follow our Facebook page to know more about our upcoming orientations. 

After the orientation, interested teachers who are keen to proceed further are invited for a meeting with teachers to explore alignment.

"Receive the children in reverence, educate them in love, send them forth in freedom."

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