Articles (please click on the links below): 

“Sense of Life and Sense of Touch” – what do these mean, why are they so important and how to nourish them in early years? (notes from Aarambh Parent Circle, 22nd August 2020) 

“How does development in early years mirror itself in adulthood?” (notes from Aarambh Parent Circle, 18th July 2020) 

Why Waldorf works?

Excerpts from Steiner lectures

Daily rhythm at home and its lifelong relevance

Peaceful bedtime dreams

Warmth, strength and freedom

Strangers in our homes: TV and our children’s minds

Discipline the Waldorf way

Please don’t help my kids

Speaking with the young child through the kindergarten years



Helpful videos:

Waldorf at 100 

Being a Waldorf Teacher

Why Waldorf – A short film


  • Beyond the Rainbow Bridge – Nurturing our children from birth to seven – Barbara Patterson and Pamela Bradley
  • You Are Your Child’s First Teacher Rahima Baldwin Dancy
  • Under the Sky: Playing, Working and Enjoying in the Open Air – A handbook for parents, carers and teachers – Sally Schweizer, Forest Row, Sophia Books
  • Waldorf Education – Christopher Clouder and Martyn Rawson, Edinburgh, Floris Books
  • Free Your Child’s True Potential – Martyn Rawson, London & New York, Hodder Headlines
  • Waldorf EducationA Family Guide Michaelmas Press

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"Receive the children in reverence, educate them in love, send them forth in freedom."

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