Articles (please click on the links below): 

Why Waldorf works?

Excerpts from Steiner lectures

Daily rhythm at home and its lifelong relevance

Peaceful bedtime dreams

Warmth, strength and freedom

Strangers in our homes: TV and our children’s minds

Discipline the Waldorf way

Please don’t help my kids

Speaking with the young child through the kindergarten years



Helpful videos:

Waldorf at 100 

Being a Waldorf Teacher

Why Waldorf – A short film


  • Beyond the Rainbow Bridge – Nurturing our children from birth to seven – Barbara Patterson and Pamela Bradley
  • You Are Your Child’s First Teacher Rahima Baldwin Dancy
  • Under the Sky: Playing, Working and Enjoying in the Open Air – A handbook for parents, carers and teachers – Sally Schweizer, Forest Row, Sophia Books
  • Waldorf Education – Christopher Clouder and Martyn Rawson, Edinburgh, Floris Books
  • Free Your Child’s True Potential – Martyn Rawson, London & New York, Hodder Headlines
  • Waldorf EducationA Family Guide Michaelmas Press

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"Receive the children in reverence, educate them in love, send them forth in freedom."

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