Aarambh welcomes all children and would like to give all children an equal educational experience. We began in 2013 and are currently serving children from early years to primary grade education.  

The following process aims to help families discover their alignment with Aarambh’s approach and underlying philosophy. 

We invite both parents to attend our orientation where we share our understanding of child development and how we work with children. Please follow our Facebook page to know more about our upcoming orientations. These are usually on Saturdays. 

After attending the orientation, if the parents feel aligned and would like to proceed they request for an admission form which provides the teachers more understanding about each child. 

There is a parent – teacher interaction followed by payment of fees. Once enrolled in Aarambh, we would like one of the parents and the child to come with the child for settling in time to get the child gradually familiar with the new surroundings.

Please write to us at to participate in our upcoming orientation. 

Attending the Waldorf orientation and hearing about the “hands-heart-head” concept, how children need to appropriate their world through the hands first, suddenly made so much sense to me. I also realised that my under confidence or feeling of overwhelm when it came to practical implementation of many of my high flying ideas and visions was related to this realm of the “hands” – that a child who knows how to wash his own clothes at 5, or is confident that she can mould a block of beeswax in the shape she wants at 4, will later on show the same confidence when it comes to making their dreams come true in the material world. I clearly felt that if I wanted them to be confident in their ability to make a difference in this world and not feel powerless in the face of challenges, this educational approach was the right choice for all of us.”  Parent of two children attending Aarambh

"Receive the children in reverence, educate them in love, send them forth in freedom."

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