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Glimpses into kindergarten
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“For me, it has been a journey of self discovery and transformation. My daughter, like every child, is of course who she is- an imitative being at this stage. The vital question has been “What do I need to change in myself, if I see a reflection I don’t like, in her?” My daughter loves going to Aarambh and it literally is a home away from home for her. In the last 3 years, she has seen real work happening in Aarambh. She is really enjoying her childhood. She can truly LIVE a story so intensely does she focus. She eats healthy food and finishes everything on her plate, She joyfully does purposeful work like cooking, cleaning, using needle and thread and so much more. More than anything she is grounded in the real world and not influenced by cartoons, fashion or money. I wish we could take away all the risks of being a “small” space so more and more parents would have the courage to choose this experience for their children. Children of the next generation, who will experience so many earth changes, will need this kind of grounding, to meet the new world they find themselves in, with a strong will, courage, wonder and wisdom.” Aarambh parent

“I think one of the best decisions I have taken for my daughter has been choosing a place like Aarambh. The calmness in the teachers and the way they manage to steer children into doing the right thing is just so amazing to see. I as a parent have learnt so much from them and I hope over the years I will be able to internalise a lot more in dealing with my child. In the last one year that she has been with Aarambh, I have seen her evolve. I have seen her develop confidence in trying out new things, I have seen the focus and concentration she brings to what ever she does and it filled me with joy when her teachers’ report said that she participates in activities and wants to do more. Not only has she gained  physical strength but has developed the ability to work with her hands which is such a great skill to possess. My daughter is in kindergarten and is looking forward to joining the grades next year. There is so much of a desire to read and write and I know that when she gets to that stage she will thoroughly enjoy every moment of her learning. This eagerness, the joy of going to Aarambh every morning is so lovely to see and I am so glad we as parents could give her such a beautiful experience.” Aarambh Parent

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