Events and gatherings

We have regular orientations to share our understanding of child development and our work with children. We invite parents, teachers, and anyone interested to learn more about Aarambh and Waldorf education. You can register for these by writing to

With an aim to inspire more and more parents (expecting and current) and also teachers, we host workshops on essentials of Waldorf parenting and teaching.

Mani workshop 2019.png

“In the era of high tech PPTs and superfluous workshops, I found the two days workshop at Aarambh a getaway like a vacation and food for thought for my brain. The day started with serene songs and ended in high notes. Not a single moment went by when I felt the words were not relevant to my life or lives around me. The biggest take-away is to provide every child with the art of simple living (not to make it artificial and complicated like present education system). The workshop re-defined my role as a teacher. Thank you to Mr Manivannan for opening up a beautiful perspective of education. Not only as a teacher, I also got value as a parent and am certainly going to apply a lot in my school. Please keep sharing the details of such workshops so that I can recommend to many more teachers.” Workshop participant 

“This was the first time I got a spiritual perspective to understand child development. This experience of 5 days with Mani sir and the team made one very humble and connected to the collective consciousness. Anybody who wants to connect with the self must attend this workshop. The intellectual knowledge would seem small in front of the content discussed in this workshop. It may/may not teach you specific strategies to work with children but it will definitely teach you what you need to be in order to connect with children.” Workshop participant

Seasonal gatherings
We host seasonal gatherings to welcome the arrival of the season and engage in the life of the season. Our Spring Gathering in February was a hands-on immersive experience into the life of the season! We rejoiced in the changing season – sun, blooming flowers, chirping birds, colours, learning more about care for babies and children (talk on breast feeding), traditional skills (chatpata achar), handwork (finger knitting, weaving, knitting), eco-friendly practices (bio-enzyme) while enjoying magical stories, Waldorf social games and spring melodies.

Spring Gathering 2019

Please check our Facebook page for our upcoming orientations, trainings, workshops and gatherings. For information on any of the above, please write to us at

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"Receive the children in reverence, educate them in love, send them forth in freedom."

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