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Creative Discipline  

Have you ever wondered…

Why discipline is important for a young child & a human being?
Does your child often say ‘No’ to you?
What could be more respectful ways of nurturing the ability in a child to understand boundaries appropriately?
How could a parent play the role of being one, without being authoritarian?  

Let’s together find answers to these questions and understand the role of a parent in setting these limits for young ones, that will help them grow into balanced and responsible adults.  

Join us on 9th Jan, 10 am on Zoom for the next Aarambh Early Years Parent Circle for families of children between 0-3 yrs & expecting parents.  

We will also be discussing creative ways used by adults to develop discipline within a family and among children by bringing consistency in daily life and creating healthy home rhythms.   

Since July 2020, Aarambh has been hosting online parent circles for expecting parents and parents of children from 0-3+ years. Thank you for your ongoing interest and participation in these circles. 

This is an interactive circle where we would invite parents to also bring in and share their own experiences and insights. 

Please register at this link by 7th January. The zoom meeting link will be shared to the registered email address shortly before the parent circle on 9th January.

Aarambh early years parent circle, 31 october (online)

– Is your young child often seeking your time & attention while at home?
– Are you struggling to find time for your child while being at work from home?
– What are the essential needs of a child that you could contribute to mindfully during current times?
– How do we provide healthy rhythms and reduce media for our children despite external challenges?
– What is the work of a young child and how should they be spending their time purposefully at home?

Let’s explore & address some of the practical challenges currently being faced while being at home with our children for a long duration of time.

We would also be discussing the significance of healthy rhythms and imitation for a young child and delve deeper into the daily routine of food, sleep & play & how parents can establish them for their child more mindfully in current times. Many examples from daily life will be touched upon of the families juggling between work, home, joint family set-up, and media use.

We invite you to our third parent gathering, for Parents of Early Years Children (0-3 yrs) & Expecting Parents! Join us on 31st Oct, 10 am on Zoom for the next Aarambh Early Years Parent Circle.

To join the circle, we request you to complete this registration form, by 29th Oct.

Please reach out to us on or +91 9899145667 in case you have any questions.