Aarambh parent circle, 26th september

Dear All:

It has been a very meaningful experience to hold a regular space for parents of children 0-3 years and expecting parents since July with our Parent Circle series. 

This 26th Sept, we invite you for our third parent circle where we delve deeper into the world of senses- ‘Sense of Self Movement’ & ‘Sense of Balance’. Let’s understand the interdependence of these two foundational senses.

We would be discussing how we could support its healthy development during early years & its impact on child’s classroom participation & learning in later phases of childhood & adulthood.

We would be bringing in real life examples from our experience of working with children in the past few years & address common concerns faced by families of young children related to these senses. E.g. :
– How could you help your child play independently?
– Why may your child not be willingly participating in housework?
– How does the inner sense of balance, as practiced by the parent play a crucial role in developing a child’s sense of ‘balance’, ‘judgment’ & morality in later years?

We invite you to our third parent gathering, for Parents of Early Years Children (0-3 yrs) & Expecting Parents!

Date: 26th September, Time: 10-11.30 am, Mode: Online

To confirm your participation, please complete this online form http://tinyurl.com/aarambh26sept by 19th September.
We would like to invite contributions for participation in this circle in a “pay what you wish” model. Please paytm whatever you would wish to contribute to + 91 9560155220 and attach the screenshot below as you fill the form. If you would not like to contribute, please attach a blank file so you can complete the form.

Founded in 2013, Aarambh Waldorf is a learning space for children from three years to primary years. Based on research into child development by educator and philosopher Rudolf Steiner, this education nurtures the whole child by engaging the “head, heart and hands.

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