Aarambh orientation, 25th January, 1:30 pm-4 pm

What do children really need? How can we as adults meet the needs of the growing child?  Have these really changed from the time we were children? 
How do you inspire the will to learn? What is the “head, heart, hands” approach?
How are sports, arts, music part of the curriculum?
Will the children be ready for the real world?

To explore these questions and more, we at Aarambh invite you to our next orientation where we share our understanding of child development and our work with children.  It is a space for you to also flash back into your own childhood and explore what children really need and have those basic needs really changed over time.

Please do register at aarambh.delhiwaldorf.trainings@gmail.com and confirm your participation.  You can also call us at 98104 04949 or 99716 66034 to start a conversation. If we are unable to take your phone or it is unreachable, kindly send us a message with your email and we will get back to you.

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