Aarambh diaries

Chapter 2: The Handmade Swing Surprise from the Grades to Kindergarten…..

Once upon a time, in the land of Aarambh…

Boys and girls went out to play,
And looked for swings to climb away!
They turned and then did find a gift,
Their Bhaiyyas and Didis had made them a ropey lift

Community means sharing. And that’s how we at Aarambh grow. We’re extremely grateful to our parent volunteer, Mr Sagar for sharing his knowledge on the varieties of knots with the Grades’ children. In Grade 4, knot making lessons are part of the Form Drawing curriculum integrating math with logic and practical skills.

Grade 4 in turn utilised their new found learning on knots to create a real swing for the younger children. Of course, it’s been an instant hit!

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