Educating the Child in the 21st Century- Mr. G Manivannan (12-16 May 2018)


Aarambh Waldorf School invites you to participate in its signature learning event of the year, a series of workshops on “Educating the Child in the 21st Century” for parents, teachers and individuals interested in education from 12-16 May 2018. 

The workshops are facilitated by our mentor from Bangalore – Mr. G Manivannan, founder trustee of Bangalore Steiner School, a teacher trainer and a parent educator.

The workshop provides insights on teaching children in a way so that they can enjoy to learn lifelong and grow into responsible, independent adults willing to help society. Given the fast changing world, Waldorf education aims to prepare children to take the initiative in this uncertain world. In the workshop, we explore and experience the key concepts of Waldorf education including the three fold human being, seven year cycles of development, the twelve senses, the four temperaments, classroom management and more. The workshops are highly interactive and experiential to give participants a window into Waldorf education.

Every year we have seen enthusiastic participation from parents, teachers and those interested in education –  they leave with new perspectives, deep insights and uplifted spirits.


I attended Mani sir’s workshop about 4 years back, when I hadn’t thought of becoming a teacher (or a parent). I was already working with children, adolescents and teachers in various schools. I always felt a need to develop personal connect with children more deeply and also with their families. The five-day workshop was one of the important turning points in my life. I had never heard of small children learning through ‘imitation from adults’. I always thought we all, including children of various ages, learn mostly through ‘understanding’ ‘reasoning’ and ‘fun’. It dawned upon me the simplicity and truthfulness behind the statement. Small children do not need technology, ‘fun games’, and constant external stimulation to learn, children can learn organically through pure observation when there is positive role modeling by close adults. I understood what ‘age appropriate’ education truly means and how we adapt ourselves and work with children at home and in school as our children grow older and their needs change. Every year since then I have ensured that I attend some small part of the training even though its repeated.” Teacher at Aarambh

“Mr. Manivannan is a natural orator, teacher and singer. He uses some very interesting personal anecdotes to compliment the Waldorf theory sessions and has the capacity to spellbind his audience through his wonderful narration of songs and stories. It’s been a genuine pleasure to know such a great soul.” Parent at Aarambh

The Open House will be on May 12th followed by a two day and also a five day intensive workshop.

1. Open House: May 12th, 9:30-1 pm (pay what you can)

2. Two day workshop: May 12th – May 13th, 9 – 3:30 pm (INR 2,000)

3.  Five day workshop: May 12th – May 16th,  9 – 3:30 pm (INR 5,000. Early bird discount of INR 500 for registrations before April 20th)

To reserve your spot, please send an email to latest by April 30th. We regret that we will not be taking on the spot registrations for the 2 day or 5 day sessions.

Please also help us share this information in your network for other interested parents, teachers and educators. The Facebook event page is

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