Humanising Education: A Talk for Parents, Teachers and Educators on 22nd June 2014

Humanising Education: A Talk for Parents, Teachers and Educators

Lets get together

on 22nd June, Sunday. 9.30am-12.30pm

at Zorba the Buddha (no admission charge)

to explore

How do we establish within each child his or her own high level of academic excellence?

How do we call forth enthusiasm for learning and work, a healthy self-awareness, interest and concern for fellow human beings, and a respect for the world?

How can we help pupils find meaning in their lives?

This is for all of us. Come be a part of it to learn more about yourself, about your child and about your surroundings. It will be of keen interest to :

• Parents seeking holistic and development appropriate parenting & education for their children, this seminar provides insights into the Map of Childhood and the role of parents in the three distinct stages of development – the realms of willing, feeling & thinking.

• Teachers in any classroom, following a mainstream curriculum or otherwise, this seminar brings a better understanding of the growing human being and enhances your capacity to meet the needs of the child in an age appropriate and inspired, creative way.

• For anyone wanting to explore teaching as a potential vocation, this may just be the start of an inspiring journey!

About the Facilitator, G. Manivannan:

Mr Manivannan

Passionate about Steiner education and service of people with special needs, Manivannan spends considerable time in research and training for the same. In addition to being a Trustee of Bangalore Steiner School and Heart and Soul Foundation, he is a teacher trainer and has been conducting workshops for parents for many years now. Mani is a graduate in English and Sanskrit literature and is enriched by experiences in the field of theatre and filmmaking. He has also completed the RCI (Rehabilitation Council of India) qualified course in special education and later a three year course in the art of curative education and socio-therapy.

22nd June 2014 Aarmbh

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